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Environmental Impact 2018

4th International Conference on Environmental and Economic Impact on Sustainable Development Abstract deadline:  Date:  20-22 June, 2018 Location: Naples, Italy Summary: The meeting will provide an international forum to discuss the most serious problems affecting sustainable development. The Conference will consider the impact of economic constraints on the environment, taking into account the social aspects as well […]

  • 20-06-2018

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International Symposium on Global Health

An International Symposium on Global Health sponsored by the Athens Journal of Health Abstract deadline:  2nd October 2017 Date:  7-10 May 2018 Location: Athens, Greece Summary: The aim of the symposium is to bring together academics and researchers from all areas of health, global health and related disciplines. Please note that all our conferences are non-thematic. However, academic members […]

  • 07-05-2018

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11th Annual International Conference on Global Studies

A Stream on “Health & Medicine: Challenges and Prospects in a Global World” as part of the 11th Annual International Conference on Global Studies: Business, Economic, Social and Cultural Aspect Abstract deadline: 15th Aug 2017 Date:  18-21 December 2017 Location: Athens, Greece Summary: The aim of the stream is to bring together academics, researchers and professionals in health economics, management and policy, health […]

  • 18-12-2017

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2nd PENAPH Conference

Participatory Approaches in Animal Health, Public Health, One Health and Ecohealth Abstract deadline: 1st July 2017 Date:  10-12 Jan 2018 Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand Summary: The Participatory Epidemiology Network for Animal and Public Health (PENAPH) and its regional sub-networks  are partnerships of organizations and individuals that seek to facilitate the continued development and application of participatory methods […]

  • 10-01-2018

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