Network for Evaluation of One Health

Short term scientific missions

Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM) were aimed at supporting individual mobility and at strengthening the existing networks and fostering collaborations by allowing scientists to visit an institution in another participating COST country or an approved Near Neighbouring Country (NNC), International Partner Country (IPC) institution or one of eight European scientific research (RTD) Organisations.

A total of 34 STSMs were conducted as part of NEOH, and they supported the work of several Working Groups.

The final call for STSM applications is now closed.

Reports from Previous Short Term Scientific Missions

Simon Ruegg Barbara Haesler Massimo Canali Luís Carmo Walter Okello Laura Falzon Soledad Cuevas Elena Boriani Marilena Filippitzi Sandra Buttigieg Albert Muñoz Ilias Chantziaras Julie Garner Mijalche Santa Laura Tomassone Gabrielle Laing Anaïs Léger Sabina Seric Haracic Barbara Vogler Sara Savic Mieghan Bruce Sandra Buttigieg Liza Nielsen Aitor Vozmediano Thanos Angelou Patricia Poeta Marie McIntyre Sandra Buttigieg Roberto Esposito Mijalche Santa Julie Garnier Ranya Özcelik Violeta Muñoz-Gómez Ida Söderström