Network for Evaluation of One Health

One Health International Summer Course in Copenhagen

Dates: e-learning: Mon, 06/05/2019 to Fri, 07/06/2019: On-campus: Sun, 11/08/2019 to Fri, 16/08/2019: on campus

The international summer course in One Health aims to provide knowledge, skills and competences regarding efficient solutions to the multifaceted global challenges to human, animal and environmental health through cross-disciplinary research, education and collaboration between relevant institutions and stakeholders. The summer course focuses on zoonoses, emerging diseases, and emerging health-related problems (drug resistance, toxins, pollution, etc.).

The course provides a critical overview of the methods used in the One Health approach by drawing on the successful Danish and international achievements characterized by widely cross-disciplinary collaboration between public authorities, public administrations, research bodies and industry sectors.

The course is relevant for people with many different scientific backgrounds (including both natural and social sciences and humanities) either currently studying at master or PhD level or as continuing education for professionals interested in the One Health topics and cross-disciplinary approaches.

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