Network for Evaluation of One Health

Network for Evaluation of One Health (NEOH)

COST Action TD1404

Funded by COST from the 17 Nov 2014 to 16 Nov 2018

Human health and well-being are increasingly affected by global challenges such as malnutrition, emerging and endemic zoonotic diseases, antimicrobial resistance and climate change. A One Health approach has been proposed to tackle the challenges through accepting that their complexity requires interdisciplinarity.



Several One Health initiatives have been implemented, such as the establishment of cross-sectoral coordination, communication and data sharing mechanisms, but no standardised methodology exists for quantitative evaluation of One Health activities.Therefore the Network for Evaluation of One Health (NEOH) aims to enable future quantitative evaluations of One Health activities and to further the evidence base by developing and applying a science-based evaluation protocol in a community of experts (See our Memorandum of Understanding for more information).


Working Groups



Working Group 1

WG1 to develop (1) the overall evaluation framework, (2) a One Health index and (3) a protocol for systematic evaluation of One Health, taking into account various disciplinary perspectives and resulting complexity.

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Working Group 2

WG2 to apply the framework, protocol and index developed to different One Health initiatives (case studies) using primary and secondary datasets.

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Working Group 3

WG3 to conduct a meta-analysis of the available case study to facilitate international comparison and the elaboration of policy recommendations.

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Working Group 4

WG4 is responsible for seeking a dialogue with national governments, NGOs, research organisations, and industry throughout the project to ensure that the evidence produced addresses decision-makers’ needs.

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Alfresco is our internal collaboration platform


Workshop: Connecting data with people

Connecting data with people – interactive, web-based human and animal health data visualisation with RStudio Shiny” Date: 26-28 March 2018 Location: Uppsala, Sweden Summary:  Facilitator is Dr Uli Müllner, director of EPI-interactive, who has an extensive background in IT, adult teaching and computer science, including a PhD in media education. RStudio Shiny is becoming an increasingly popular tool for […]

  • 26-03-2018

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Impacts of Global change on pest emergence risks for plant health in Europe

International conference Date:  23-24 April, 2018 Location: Paris, France Summary: The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES), in collaboration with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO), are organising a conference on 23-24 April 2018 on “The impact of global change on the emergence […]

  • 23-04-2018

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3rd International Conference on One Medicine One Science

iCOMOS 2018 Date: 29 April-2 May 2018 Abstract deadline: 30 January 2018 Location: Minneapolis, USA Organiser: University of Minnesota Theme: Science and Policy at the Interface of Environment, Agriculture, and Medicine Summary: The 3rd International Conference on One Medicine One Science will explore new ways to solve pressing health issues, facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations, and promote science’s role in […]

  • 29-04-2018

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International Symposium on Global Health

An International Symposium on Global Health sponsored by the Athens Journal of Health Abstract deadline:  2nd October 2017 Date:  7-10 May 2018 Location: Athens, Greece Summary: The aim of the symposium is to bring together academics and researchers from all areas of health, global health and related disciplines. Please note that all our conferences are non-thematic. However, academic members […]

  • 07-05-2018

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  • Upcoming Events 11 Jan

The following events have been added to the NEOH website recently: Creating impact for One Health and Ecohealth: advancements in implementation, evaluation and governance SAVE THE DATE Date: 10 – 12th September 2018 Location: Bologna, Itlay. Further details available here One Health & Food Safety Congress 2018 Abstract deadline: 28th February 2018 Date:  18-19 September, 2018 Location: Bonn, Germany Further details can […]

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  • Belgian OneHealth – EcoHealth Newsletter

Download the December edition of the Belgian OneHealth – EcoHealth Newsletter here CONTENTS Events in Belgium 1 | Save the date and call for collaboration: Belgian nature – health network event – Antwerp October 4th 2018 2 | ‘Green and blue cities: nature and health in an urban setting’ advice in preparation for the Belgian Superior […]

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  • An account of the 11th TAWIRI conference featuring one of our NEOH case study from Kenya

Dr Kelvin Momanyi writes about attending the eleventh Tanzania Wildlife Institute (TAWIRI) conference   The eleventh Tanzania Wildlife Institute (TAWIRI) conference themed, “People, livestock, and climate change: Challenges for sustainable biodiversity conservation”, was held from 6th to 8th December 2017 at the Arusha International Conference Centre (Fig.1). The conference had over 300 local and global participants […]

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