Network for Evaluation of One Health

Network for Evaluation of One Health (NEOH)

COST Action TD1404

Funded by COST from the 17 Nov 2014 to 16 Nov 2018

Human health and well-being are increasingly affected by global challenges such as malnutrition, emerging and endemic zoonotic diseases, antimicrobial resistance and climate change. A One Health approach has been proposed to tackle the challenges through accepting that their complexity requires interdisciplinarity.



Several One Health initiatives have been implemented, such as the establishment of cross-sectoral coordination, communication and data sharing mechanisms, but no standardised methodology exists for quantitative evaluation of One Health activities.Therefore the Network for Evaluation of One Health (NEOH) aims to enable future quantitative evaluations of One Health activities and to further the evidence base by developing and applying a science-based evaluation protocol in a community of experts (See our Memorandum of Understanding for more information).




The NEOH grant is held by the Royal Veterinary College, London and chaired by Dr Barbara Häsler



Integrated approaches to health

A handbook for the evaluation of One Health

edited by: Simon R. Rüegg, Barbara Häsler and Jakob Zinsstag

This handbook is the product of an interdisciplinary effort by NEOH to provide science-based guidance for the evaluation of One Health and other integrated approaches to health. It guides the reader through a systems approach and framework to evaluate such approaches in a standardised way. It provides an overview of concepts and metrics from health and life sciences, social sciences, economics, and ecology that are relevant for the evaluation of the processes involved, as well as the characterisation of expected and unexpected outcomes of One Health initiatives. Finally, the handbook provides guidance and practical protocols to help plan and implement evaluations in order to generate new insights and provide meaningful information about the value of One Health. The handbook is intended for practitioners, researchers, evaluators as well as funders of integrated approaches to health and beyond. Download it for free here



Working Groups



Working Group 1

WG1 to develop (1) the overall evaluation framework, (2) a One Health index and (3) a protocol for systematic evaluation of One Health, taking into account various disciplinary perspectives and resulting complexity.

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Working Group 2

WG2 to apply the framework, protocol and index developed to different One Health initiatives (case studies) using primary and secondary datasets.

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Working Group 3

WG3 to conduct a meta-analysis of the available case study to facilitate international comparison and the elaboration of policy recommendations.

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Working Group 4

WG4 is responsible for seeking a dialogue with national governments, NGOs, research organisations, and industry throughout the project to ensure that the evidence produced addresses decision-makers’ needs.

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Alfresco is our internal collaboration platform


7th All African Conference on Animal Agriculture

Innovations to Harness the Potential of African Animal Agriculture in a Globalizing World Date: 15th–19th October 2018 Location: Accra, Ghana Organiser: AASAP   Summary: The overall objective of the conference is to provide an opportunity for scientists and the broader stakeholders in the animal agriculture sector to discuss the potential role of innovation in animal agriculture […]

  • 15-10-2018

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American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene Annual Meeting

Date: 28 October – 1 November 2018 Abstract deadline: 4 April 2018 Location: New Orleans, USA Organiser: ASTMH   Summary: The Annual Meeting is a dynamic forum for the exchange of the latest scienti c and clinical advances in tropical medicine and global health. These abstracts, presented as either oral presentations or posters, are the cornerstone of […]

  • 28-10-2018

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One Health School

Date: 29th October- 2nd November 2018 Location: Kruger, South Africa Organiser: The Department of Veterinary Tropical Diseases, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria in collaboration with the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium Application deadline: 31 August 2018     Summary: What to expect The One Health School is designed to provide participants with a real-life experience of […]

  • 29-10-2018

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13th International European Forum (Igls-Forum*) on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks

Date: 18-22 February 2019 Abstract deadline: 12 October 2018 Location: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany Organiser: Intern. Center for Food Chain and Network Research, Univ. of Bonn coordinated by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schiefer and Dr. Jivka Deiters   Summary:   It is the objective of this Forum to provide an interdisciplinary and creative discussion environment that generates new ideas for innovative and multidisciplinary research. […]

  • 18-02-2019

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  • New One Health book available …

Survival: One Health, One Planet, One Future (Routledge Studies in Sustainability) 1st Edition See:   by George R. Lueddeke (Author) Foreword Like many of my colleagues, I get up each morning and read the news, listen to the commentators, and learn a bit more about the risks associated with life in today’s world to […]

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  • Ecohealth International – Newsletter

Newsletter 1:  September 2018  Seventh Biennial Conference: It’s a wrap! We are grateful to Professor Fabian Mendez, and the Organising Committee for delivering the Seventh Biennial Conference for the International Association for Ecology and Health and the Third Latin American Public Health Meeting for over 300 participants in Cali, Colombia. The theme ‘Environmental and Health […]

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NEOH in collaboration with our German partners from the University of Bonn are organising a summer school ONE HEALTH AND SUSTAINABILITY, from the 17-20 September 2018 in Bonn, Germany. The summer school will link directly to the international congress on One Health & Food Safety. NEOH members will provide an overview of the NEOH tools […]

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