Network for Evaluation of One Health

Working Group 1

WG Leader: Prof Jakob Zinsstag (Switzerland)

WG Vice-Leader: Dr Simon Ruegg (Switzerland)

To make best use of disciplinary and interdisciplinary expertise in the NEOH, WG1 includes Participants who are specialists in their respective fields.

WG1 works on a standardised and widely accepted framework, index and protocol for systematic evaluation of One Health, taking into account various disciplinary perspectives and resulting complexity. This includes identification and description of the health, economic, environmental, social and cultural impacts of One Health, compilation and comparison of metrics and methods available to measure these impacts based on a literature review (including technical and data requirements, and presentation of examples), mapping of pathways to impact and categorisation and prioritisation of One Health challenges.

WG1 members are working on their contributions to the framework, index and protocol to be included in a draft handbook for circulation in the consortium.

The index may include inputs (investments/resources) to human, animal, environmental and public health and combinations of key outputs from the relevant fields and focus on measurable and comparable metrics (e.g. life expectancy, disability-adjusted life years, productivity, animal welfare, anthropometric measures, income).

The first set of Short Term Scientific Missions contribute to the tasks of Working Group 1  (i.e. to inform and engage in the development of a handbook/protocol for evaluation of One Health initiatives).