Network for Evaluation of One Health

Other dissemination and engagement activities

Julie Garnier

The Planetary Health Meeting Edinburgh 2018

The Planetary Health meeting that took place in Edinburgh in May was another opportunity to recognize the need to adopt an integrated approach such as OH, EcoH or PH for addressing the health crisis that is affecting and threatening humanity. Of particular interest was the presence of cultural and spiritual leaders such such as an elder from a First Nation tribe in Canada  or the Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences. Together with a humanist tone given throughout the conference, these perspectives highlighted  the sense of responsibility that all citizens (incl. scientists!) should feel and the urgent change that is needed in order to also address increasing social inequalities.


Simon Ruegg

International One Health Conference 2018


WG1 leader Simon Rüegg was supported by NEOH to attend the 5th international One Health Congress in Saskatoon, Canada, June 2018. Next to some plenary session primarily oriented at vaccination, infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance (AMR), one track was dedicated to the science policy interface and one to the problematic of AMR. Two tracks were conducted under the heading of “One Health Science” comprising sessions on drivers of emerging diseases, pathogen detection, diagnostics, response to epidemics, social science and politics, and vaccines. Simon presented the NEOH index and the results of the case studies in the session on social science and politics. His talk caused great resonance among various people working in different institutions who expressed an interest to learn more about the NEOH work and products. Barry McMahon, an active WG1 member and lead author of the handbook Chapter 5, took the opportunity when presenting on ecosystem change and disease emergence to advertise the NEOH final conference and the handbook in a different context. During the networking opportunities throughout the conference the handbook could be presented to the US Threat Reduction Agency, the American Association of Veterinary Colleges, and the Joint External Evaluation Alliance. Several existing One Health initiatives inquired on how to apply the framework in their specific context.

In conclusion, the IOHC was a good opportunity to promote the work of NEOH in the Western hemisphere and to learn about latest developments in certain areas of One Health. Because neither non-communicable diseases, social or environmental determinants of health, urbanisation nor aspects of structural One Health were covered in this “One Health” conference, Simon, Barry and other attending NEOH members could not network with people working in these fields. Unfortunately, the Asian, African and South-American continents were severely underrepresented thereby further missing opportunities to connect to colleagues in these parts of the world.

Vlatko Ilieski

iCOMOS 2018 conference “Science and Policy at the Interface of Environment, Agriculture, and Medicine”

In order to promote collaboration between NEOH consortium members and stakeholders from existing international institutions Prof Vlatko Ilieski participated in iCOMOS 2018 conference “Science and Policy at the Interface of Environment, Agriculture, and Medicine”, which was held from 29th April till 02 th May 2018, at Minnesota University, USA

The main aim of the conference was to explore new ways to solve pressing health issues, facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations, and promote science’s role in influencing public policy at the interface of humans, animals, and the environment. At the conference five interactive sessions were organized:

  1. One Medicine One Science Approaches to Health at Two NIH Institutes
  2. Effective Policy when Consumer Preferences Do Not Match Actions
  3. Breaking Silos and Building Bridges Within and Across Geographies
  4. Precision Medicine and Genome Editing: Science and Ethics
  5. Science Communication and Strategic Engagement of Policy Makers

In session Science Communication and strategic engagement of policy maker Prof Ilieski had a poster presentation “Evaluation of one health initiatives – tool to support policy instruments”. Besides poster presentations, informational session for evaluation of one health initiatives were organized. On this session Prof Ilieski gave a presentation of COST Action “Network for Evaluation of One Health” (NEOH) with special attention on developed handbook and practical information of methods for evaluation. Representatives of several institutions show their interest for further collaboration in applying One Health evaluation protocol especially it’s guidelines how, when and where to evaluate one health initiatives.

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COST COREMI Workshop March 2018


Daniele De Meneghi participated in the workshop held at the faculty of veterinary Medicine, Skopje on the 27th March 2018. As the NEOH representative he gave an overview of the groups activities and presented the NEOH evaluation framework.

A full copy of the workshop report can be seen here.