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How to join NEOH

NEOH is an open network that brings together people working in or interested in the evaluation of One Health. The funding for this project will come to an end in November 2018.

The NEOH project has been a resounding success in many ways, one being the development of new and strong working relationships between many of the people involved in One Health in Europe. Many NEOH members expressed the desire to continue to grow these relationships in some formal and sustainable way and so a small group formed to develop a plan for a new organization to continue NEOH’s momentum.

The group, called the NEOH2 working group, developed some guiding principles:

1. NEOH2 should be a European based network but not restricted to Europe, rather NEOH2 will extend its membership and activities to other One-Ecohealth organizations globally. Member ship should be as broad as possible.

2. NEOH2 should be unique, not “just another One Health” organization. NEOH2 should focus on actions that make a difference.

The NEOH2 working group proposed a vision statement based on the commitment of NEOH members to One Health-Ecohealth, transdisiplinarity and systems thinking, to guide the future direction of the new organization:

“We envision a world where people, animals and the environment are recognized as being interconnected; and transdisciplinary, systems thinking methods, and integrated approaches are universally practiced for understanding, maintaining and improving the health of all.“

The working group considered several options for a governance structure for the new organization, and proposed that the new organization should join Ecohealth International by becoming the European Chapter of Ecohealth International. The purpose and goals of Ecohealth International and the ecosystem approach to health closely aligns with those of many NEOH members. There are many strategic advantages to working with Ecohealth International including the opportunity for developing new working relationships on a global scale and having one united organization for One Health and Ecohealth in Europe.

The name proposed for the new organization is the Network for Ecohealth and One Health.

The name includes the terms Ecohealth and One Health which recognizes the adoption of both concepts by the new organization.

Further information on this network will be added once confirmed.



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