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Emerging Zoonoses and AMR: A global threat

Microbiology Society- Focused Meeting 2018 Date: 2 July 2018 Location: University of Surrey, UK Organiser: Microbiology Society   Summary: In association with the Journal of Medical Microbiology, this Focused Meeting on Emerging Zoonoses and AMR will take place Monday 2 July 2018 at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Surrey, UK. Key topics covered will be: Novel and […]

  • 02-07-2018

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One Health Today

Abstract deadline:  15th of June 2016 Date(s):  22nd– 24th of September, 2016 Location: Bucharest, Romania Summary:   Organising this One Health Inter-Regional European Conference comes as a natural consequence of the momentum that the One Health concept has gathered for the last couple of years. Romania is truly honoured to be part of the One Health movement and […]

  • 22-09-2016

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Pandemic Preparedness

Policy and Practice in the 21st Century Date: 17 May 2018 Location: Washington, D.C. USA Organiser: CSIS Global Heath Policy Center   Summary: Please join us for a symposium hosted by the CSIS Global Heath Policy Center, in collaboration with DAI Global Health, Mérieux Foundation USA, and the USAID-funded Preparedness & Response project. The symposium will examine how U.S. and international […]

  • 17-05-2018

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13th International European Forum (Igls-Forum*) on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks

Date: 18-22 February 2019 Abstract deadline: 12 October 2018 Location: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany Organiser: Intern. Center for Food Chain and Network Research, Univ. of Bonn coordinated by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schiefer and Dr. Jivka Deiters   Summary:   It is the objective of this Forum to provide an interdisciplinary and creative discussion environment that generates new ideas for innovative and multidisciplinary research. […]

  • 18-02-2019

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