Network for Evaluation of One Health

NEOH talk at Euroscience Open Forum


Aug 16


Barbara Haesler, the NEOH chair, attended the ESOF 2016 (EuroScience Open Forum) conference in Manchester where she gave a talk on the Network for Evaluation of One Health – an opportunity organised and promoted by the Brussels COST team.

Barbara giving talk  Presentation screen

The COST team had a booth in the exhibition hall to inform scientist about COST activities and opportunities; further info can be found here: and photos here:

ESOF has previously visited many of Europe’s leading cities from Stockholm to Barcelona, Dublin and Copenhagen; in 2016 it arrived in the United Kingdom for the very first time. The five day programme highlighted major research findings across a wide range of sciences; there were hundreds of seminars, workshops and debates on the latest science and technology from a broad spectrum of leaders and influencers from the scientific community, including Nobel laureates, influential policy makers, business leaders and prominent scientists. There were calls for the science community to get active to get the best possible deals for European research and everybody was encouraged to join Euroscience and get active for their future of science.

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Download a copy of Barbara’s Talk