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Sep 18


Newsletter 1:  September 2018 

Seventh Biennial Conference: It’s a wrap!

We are grateful to Professor Fabian Mendez, and the Organising Committee for delivering the Seventh Biennial Conference for the International Association for Ecology and Health and the Third Latin American Public Health Meeting for over 300 participants in Cali, Colombia. The theme ‘Environmental and Health Equity: Connecting local alternatives in a Global World’ emphasised connections between local, regional and world-wide initiatives and the need to challenge global drivers that threaten ecosystems and populations around the world. Presenters included social and environmental scientists, activists and industry partners interested in achieving health equity for all. Co-hosted by Unviersidad del Valle,  and coinciding with a special issue of the International Journal of Public Health, conference goers were part of the development of a Statement from the Conference, which can be found here. For information from the conference, see the Ecohealth2018 website, Facebook Page and Twitter Account. More information including opening remarks, photos and presentations can be found here.   The conference was linked to a citizen’s journalism movement called @WePublicHealth and the conference was reported on as part of the #JustClimate project profiling health impacts of climate change on populations across the world. The social media influence of Ecohealth2018 saw us reach an audience of 663 000.

Next ecohealth international conference to be in Durban, South Africa, 2020!

At the end of the Cali conference, Vice President Professor Moses Chimbari undertook an Ambassadorial role on behalf of the African community as hosts of the inaugural biennial conference of ecohealth international (and the 8th for the ecohealth community) in Durban, South Africa in 2020. The presentation made by Professor Chimbari can be seen here.

Ecohealth2018 Winners

The international Journal of Public Health opened a call for papers for a special edition called ‘Environmental and health equity’ with the occasion of the EcoHealth Conference. Three papers were pre-selected for taking part in a voting process by experts in the field. Collecting 42% of the 71 anonymous voters, the winner is Kai Liu, from the Department of Social Security, School of Labor and Human Resources, Renmin University of China in Beijing, with the paper called “Health inequality and community-based health insurance: a case study of rural Rwanda with repeated cross-sectional data”. This paper is available to download (pdf here). You can also see the abstracts of the other award candidates by clicking here. Congratulations Kai Liu!

The ecohealth international board ran a competition for the best student posters.  Winners from the competition won a certificate and a year’s free membership to ecohealth international. Voting was conducted by members of the Board and the following student posters were recognised at the AGM and the final session of the conference. Congratulations to all winners!

Outcome of the Annual General Meeting

On the evening of the 17th August 2018 at the AGM, the International Association for Ecology and Health was formally dissolved, and the members were informed of the two-year long journey from 2016 – 2018 which saw the need to transition from the International Association of Ecology and Health to ecohealth international. Information was provided which showed why we made the decision to put in place infrastructure that could grow a new entity, not the Association; the financial reasons why we separated from the Journal and, because of the experiences of the Oceania chapter of the IAEH, why we believe regional chapters are the engine rooms for the new entity. The members also heard why we went with a Trust structure in Australia and were also informed of the new Constitution, the new membership fees and the new look website and twitter account. Upon hearing that the IAEH Constitutional requirements were met, members agreed to the following resolutions:   Resolution 1: Members note the decision to Dissolve the International Association of Ecology and Health at the AGM, 17th August at 6pm, Cali, Colombia. Resolution 2: Members note the current Board members have concluded their roles with the International Association of Ecology and Health and the IAEH Board is dissolved at the AGM, 17th August 2018. Resolution 3: Members note the establishment of ecohealth international at the AGM, 17th August at 6pm, Cali, Colombia.   The focus of ecohealth international is to grow our membership, participate and support the development of regional chapters, consult further on the new Constitution which will be reviewed before 30 March 2019. Core members of the now dissolved IAEH Board have agreed to form the interim board of ecohealth international.  The interim board will align with regional chapters and the make-up of the board will meet Constitutional requirements. The interim board will assist EI members establish regional chapters, support nominations for the Board and finalise the Constitution. See here for a copy of the AGM presentation and a draft copy of the minutes of the AGM meeting.
Nominations Open: Ecohealth International Ethics Committee and Board

Nominations are now open for the ecohealth international Board and the Ethics Council.  Expressions of Interest will be considered by the interim board. Outcomes will be shared via website on October 1, 2018.   Interested in being part of the Ethics Committee? For More Information see here. For consideration for the inaugural ethics committee, please complete the following survey:   Interested in being a member of the Interim Board? For More Information see here. For consideration for the interim ecohealth international Board, please complete the following survey:   If you have any questions about becoming a member of the Board, and you want to speak with someone from your region about how to make this happen, the interim board members are very happy for you to contact them.   Americas:                                                                   Oceania: Maya Gislason:              Neville Ellis: Jonathan Sleeman:                    Aaron Jenkins: Gerado Suzan:                    Hume Field:   Africa:                                                                        Europe: Moses Chimbari:                     Thomas Jaenisch:   Asia:                                                                           President: Hung Nguyen:                           Kerry Arabena: Purvi Mehta:   We hope that you might be able to join our effort to build our organisation. We are particularly interested in hearing from people with social media, policy writing, grant writing, advocacy and support skills. Students and early career researchers are particularly welcome! Positions to be reviewed March 30th, 2019.

Social Media

Ecohealth International is growing a social media presence.  Please use @ecohealthintl to tweet and retweet any news, this links to our website. We joined in August 2018 and have near to 100 followers! Lets grow our online ecohealth community. Others to follow:    @ArabenaKerry @copeh_canada @kbishopwilliams @ashisbrahma @mjchimbari @Brigittelgb @PierreHorwitz @YottiKingsley @hung_cenpher @kenwinkel @Ecohealth13 @jena_ecohealth @ecohealth2018 @tibaSA17 @ph_alliance @jonathanpatz @DoftWT @IJPH_official   Follow, Share, Enjoy!

Ready to Join A Working Group?

Some of you know that ecohealth international is run by volunteers. We are looking to have our members engage in some key activities:
Mapping the Past, Present and Future of our Ecohealth community Mapping the past, present and future of the ecohealth movement across the world. For more information on how to get involved, contact Dr. Katie Bishop on Katie along with Board members Assoc Professor Maya Gislason and Dr. Neville Ellis were joined by Dr. Chester Kalinda and other ecohealth enthusiasts in the development of this interactive timeline. There efforts were recognised by the Board in Cali for their wonderful contributions in support of this and other activities. You can follow Katie on Twitter @kbishopwilliams. PM her for more information. Dr. Kalinda can be followed @KalindaChester

Supporting the development of an Engagement Guide for Regional Chapter Development

Past Executives in International Association for Ecology and Health and current ecohealth international members have been facilitating conversations about regionalism and how this work intersects with the ecohealth community and the new Constitution. These conversations have been led by Professor Margot Parkes, Professor Pierre Horwitz, Professor Douglas Barraza and Professor Johanne Saint-Charles and aim to support thriving regional governance structures for ecohealth research and action. The Working Group has some terms of reference:

  1. To explore the concept of regionalism
  2. To provide to the Board and members of the Trust
    1. A way to communicate the regionalisation strategy underpinning ecohealth international; and
    2. An engagement guide to support regionalisation including the identification of tasks and roles for members of the Trust which can performed locally, nationally, sub-regionally, regionally and globally.
  3. To develop the above through an outreach process including a Pre-conference workshop, discussions during the conference, and a post-conference outreach phase.

This is a member driven, time specific initiative; due for completion in January 2019. Please contact for more information.

Student Engagement, Student Support #nextgen

The Board are very keen to support students engage with @ecohealthinterntl and support the development of content for the website, for newsletters and for supporting the ecohealth initiatives around the world.  If students have comments or queries about what you would like to have happen for Students, please respond to the following survey or email us at:
Refining the Constitution Professor Pierre Horwitz with Dr. Jonathan Sleeman are leading the work on refining the Constitution. Whilst the Constitution was accepted by the members at the AGM, there was agreement that some key elements of the Constitution needed to be refined in order to provide a strong foundation for the organisation to continue to grow and evolve. Some key features of the Constitution include a commitment to gender equity, with the international Board comprising of members from within regions (a transition to regional representation model, includes and Ethics Council, allows and encourages cross regional collaborations, celebrates diversity, fosters next generation leadership and uses regional chapters to drive local and global innovation.  This work is related to the working group on regional engagement.  Pierre is working to coordinate comments and refinements, with this work concluding in January so the new Constitution can be further refined and informed through regional chapter development. The Constitution can be seen on our website.  Please contact Professor Horwitz at or Jonathan Sleeman at to contribute your voice, or if you want to be involved.
Regional Drivers for ecohealth international
Three of our Board members are leading regional chapter engagement in Europe, Africa and Oceania.   Dr Thomas Jaenisch has finalised negotiations with members of the Network for Evaluating One Health in Europe.  This is a large network of 240 members who have with other networks fostered excitement and support for addressing One health issues in Europe. Having befriended organisations like Belgian Community of Practice on Biodiversity and Health (COPBH), the NEOH has as aspiration to be situated in Europe while facilitating world-wide membership and activities. These are early, exciting discussions about the nature of our relationship moving forward.  If you have any queries about the emerging Chapter in Europe, please contact Thomas by email at:   Professor Moses Chimbari is facilitating a gathering in Africa, November 2018 to discuss the development of an African Chapter to ecohealth international. In the lead up to this gathering, Professor Chimbari is presenting at the Nelson Mandela University Conference Centre on the 27-28th September in a program focusing on Research in Environmental Health. In his final presentation at the Cali Conference in Colombia, Professor Chimbari spoke about the development of the African Chapter and the importance of this work in the lead up to the ecohealth international conference in Durban, 2020. For more information on how to get involved in the emergence of the African Chapter, please contact Professor Moses Chimbari on or follow on Twitter @mjchimbari.   Dr. Aaron Jenkins has sourced funds to hold an Oceania Planetary Health Forum, 5-6 November, as part of a series of workshops, gatherings and efforts focusing on the development of an Oceania chapter of ecohealth international building on early work of the International Association for Ecology and Health. Building on the Healthy Islands ideal first advanced in Oceania more than 20 years ago, this forum will bring together key stakeholders to review recent developments in the broad field of ecology and health, and identify priority next steps for the Region.  Expected outputs will include a Compendium of Oceania case studies, a Communiqué for global policy dialogue ad a Regional research framework. With a focus on strengthening partnerships for nature and human health, and with a wide range of funders and collaborators, this is sure to be a compelling meeting.  For more information, contact

New Information Uploaded to Our Website:

1.Presidents Opening Remarks at the Cali Conference:

  1. AGM Final Presentation, presented at Cali:
  2. Nominations for Interim Board, for review 30 March 2019

4 Nominations for Ethics Council, for review 30 March 2019

  1. Ecohealth Timeline Notes, to be developed into different products including a powerpoint presentation and editorial piece
  2. Oceania Planetary Health Flyer for upcoming Planetary Health Alliance meeting:
  3. Draft AGM Minutes, written by Katie Bishop:
  4. Regional Chapter Draft Discussion Document to support the development of regional chapters for ecohealth international
    If you have anything you would like to have uploaded to the website, please send through to a Board member in your region or to
    Spotlight on our First Institutional Member for ecohealth international! Congratulations to Dr. Hung Nguyen (@hung_cenpher) for successfully inviting The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) to become the first institutional ember of ecohealth international! The Institute works to improve food security and reduce poverty in developing countries through research for better and more sustainable use of livestock. ILRI is a CGIAR research centre– part of a global research partnership for a food-secure future. See ourresearch programs and activities and our world class biotechnology research facilities BecA-ILRI Hub for East and Central Africa. See our work in CGIAR research programs; ILRI leads the Livestock Research Program. In 2013 ILRI adopted a strategy covering 2013-2022. Here is Dr. Hung Nguyen presenting at @Ecohealth2018, and the ILRI in action in SEA supporting capacity development to address emerging infectious diseases. Read more about their work in SEA, written by Chi Nguyen here.

In Brief

Five Ways to Take Climate Action: Reducing Food Waster can Protect our Health, as well as our Planet’s The interface of science and the case for optimism: Australia in the Pacific: Bulletin of the World Health Organisation. Special Theme: health and the development goals: Threatened species inquiry told public servants think Australia is failing:

Ecohealth Resources

Emerging and Established Approaches to Environmental Public Health   Ecohealth Knowledge to Action Group:     Buse C. (2018, January 15). New horizons in health impact assessment. UNBC Health Research Institute Symposia, Prince George BC. Available: See Pianist Ludovico Einaudi’s haunting iceberg performance to draw attention to the Arctic plight – video developed in partnership with Greenpeace to tie in with a meeting of the Ospar Commission which will decide on a proposal to safeguard 10% of the Arctic Ocean this week.