Network for Evaluation of One Health

Conference Report: WVA/WMA Global Conference on One Health


Jun 15



NEOH members Margarita Martín Castillo (on the left) from Spain and Valeria Grieco (on the right) from Italy presenting the NEOH poster

The WVA/WMA Global Conference on One Health (held in Madrid, Spain on 21-22 May 2015), brought together 330 delegates from 40 countries around the world to discuss the One Health Concept.

NEOH members Margarita Martín Castillo, Valeria Grieco, and Karin Artursson presented a NEOH poster.
A presentation was given by NEOH member Katinka de Balogh from FAO who emphasised that the tripartite agencies provide international support for national systems strengthening and building on existing systems including for surveillance, that cross-sectoral collaboration is required for real-time information exchange for reducing public health threats at the human-animal-ecosystems interface and that transparency and trust are important to building effective cross-sectoral relationships.

To read all the contributions and see the presentations, please use the following link to the official conference report