Network for Evaluation of One Health

UNITO, Turin One Health Events

Local events organised by Department of Veterinary Sciences, UNITO, Turin (Italy), for International One Health Day.  
  • A notice/banner providing information on International One Health day has been published on the webpage of the Dept. Veterinary Sciences/University of Turin and on the Campusnet webpages of the Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production courses (
  • The International One Health day logo, with a brief description of the event and relevant web-links is displayed on the high-screens located in the common areas  (i.e. students/didactic secretariat, main hall, entrance to the teaching rooms/classes, etc.) at the vet campus.
  • Dr. Daniele De Meneghi, is currently at the Ecole Agronomique et Veterinaire Hassan II, Rabat (Morocco) for a teaching staff mobility (Erasmus plus extra-UE). On 1st November 2016 he gave a brief seminar on the One Health concept/approach, including NEOH activities and information about International One Health day.
  • In collaboration with the colleagues of the Institute Agronomique et Veterinaire-IAV Hassan II, we have published some information about International One Health Day on the IAV webpage:–126.html