Network for Evaluation of One Health

ISESSAH-InnovSur 2018

The International Society for Economics and Social Sciences of Animal Health Conference
‘INNOVATION in Health Surveillance’ International Forum


Date:  14 -18 May 2018 (ISESSAH 14-15 May, InnovSur 16-18 May)

Location: SupAgro Montpellier – France


ISESSAH aims to improve animal health and welfare policies, programmes and projects through more nuanced use of concepts and tools available in economics and social science disciplines. In the process it will provide opportunities for animal health professionals globally to achieve wider societal benefits from animals in society.
The ISESSAH 2018 conference will provide a forum to meet colleagues and leading thinkers in the field to enhance the use of economics in animal health education, research and policy making internationally.

InnovSur forum aims to review and discuss the gaps and needs in next generation of health surveillance : innovations in animal, human and plants health surveillance but also at the interface (integrated surveillance).
In order to ensure quality and reliability of the data provided, disease surveillance systems should be adapted to the country specific socio-economic and cultural context but should also be evaluated and optimised according to the dynamics of the sanitary situation.

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