Network for Evaluation of One Health

IPBES Belgian Uptake event

Date: 1st October 2018

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Organiser: IPBES




IPBES is the largest endeavour to date to assess the global state of nature and human-nature relationships. Since the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment in 2005, scientific literature on biodiversity and ecosystem services has quadrupled, and IPBES additionally assesses data from many local assessments and indigenous and local knowledge. Recently, a plenary of over 100 states has adopted four regional assessments, generating major impact on science and policy. And this is just the start. The global assessment, and several other thematic ones are underway – as well as several capacity building and policy support activities.   You are invited to the IPBES Belgian Uptake event, a one-day opportunity to learn and discuss about IPBES, its outputs, its impact and future work. There will be substantial focus on the Europe and Central Asia assessment (ECA assessment) and opportunities to discuss how to take actions in Belgium based on its findings. You will also learn how you can engage in IPBES and you will meet with several Belgian IPBES experts, and the ECA assessment Co-Chair.


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