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Webinar: Antimicrobial Resistance in the Environment

The One Health Commission is proud to support and share announcement of a free webinar:  “Antimicrobial Resistance in the Environment” by Dr. Laura Kahn. Date: July 13, 2016, 11am-12pm EDT Location: online Summary: This presentation will discuss findings of widespread antibiotic resistance in the environment. Massive amounts of human and animal waste applied to agricultural fields alter the global […]

  • 13-07-2016

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Summer Course in Veterinary Epidemiology

The 8th Summer Course in Veterinary Epidemiology Date: 12 – 23 September 2016 Location: Ghent University, Belgium Summary: The aim of this summer course is to make all participants familiar with the key aspects of veterinary epidemiology in a practical and applied manner. Upon completion of this course all participants should be familiar with all basic concepts of veterinary […]

  • 12-09-2016

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Free Taenia soliumTaeniosis webinar

Free Webinar: One Health Approach for Elimination of Taenia soliumTaeniosis/Cysticercosis Date: 28th June 2016, 9-11am EDT Location: online Summary: This webinar will provide an overview of Taenia soliumtaeniosis/cysticercosis, its epidemiology, impact on human health and economic burden. One Health challenges for detection and treatment as well as opportunities for combating cysticercosis will be discussed. Click here to register. […]

  • 28-06-2016

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Course: One Health, One Medicine: An Ecosystem Approach

Free online course Free to audit; $50 for certificate and CPH credit. 4 CPH credits. Date(s): 5th June – 9th July 2016 Summary: Humans, companion animals, food animals, and the environment all coexist on this earth; broad global health tools are needed to ensure the health of communities. In this free online course, students will be exposed to […]

  • 05-06-2016

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